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 I was born and raised right here in Oshkosh where I met my husband Joe. Together we have two beautiful children, Reagan and Reid. We have no intentions on leaving this community any time soon. I am a product of the Oshkosh School District and understand what an impact our schools can make on one's life. 

I bring to the table a unique set of skills; as I have spent the last 10 years of my professional experience advocating on behalf of low-income children and families, specifically a group of diverse children and families; two groups of people that rely on the support of the Oshkosh Public Schools. 

This direct experience has provided me with a deeper understanding of what children, families, systems and communities need to be successful. 

Because I am a parent myself and because I have spent my adult career advocating on behalf of children and families, I have an understanding of the importance of public education and the critical role it plays as our children grow into young adults.

I would be absolutely honored to have your vote on  April 4th. 

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